ugly home

If you have an ugly home you want to sell, it doesn’t mean you will be stuck with it forever!

In fact, even if you want to sell your house fast, it can be done.

Just like selling the nicest house in a neighborhood, selling an ugly home takes an understanding of the market and a realistic expectation of what your home is worth to a potential buyer.

But how can you sell your ugly home?

Price to Sell

In order to sell any piece of property, it has to be priced to sell.

You should look at comparable home sale prices to get a good feel for what a home like yours has sold for in the past. What’s the asking price for homes like yours right now?

There’s the old phrase that the things that matter most with real estate is “location, location, location.”

Is your home the worst house in a good area? Where you ugly home is located will help you draw the attention of prospective buyers at the right price.

They might even be willing to pay you in cash for your ugly home!

Be Honest

If you have an ugly home, embrace it. To a certain extent, of course.

If you are convinced you have an ugly home, there’s a good chance that others may see it that way too.

Are there glaring issues with it like broken doors, stained floors or a cigarette smell that just won’t go away?

What about some other issues that aren’t apparent to the naked eye?

Just like when you sell anything, being honest and up front means something to your potential buyer.

By disclosing problems with your ugly home, you are helping a potential buyer to have a realistic look at the costs associated with the purchase.

Clean Your Home

Whether you are selling an ugly home or a fancy mansion, a cleaner home makes for a better presentation to potential buyers.

Even if you anticipate that your ugly home would be bought and gutted by the new owners, this can matter.

After all, even if your home is ugly on the inside or outside (or both), it doesn’t mean it has to be messy and dirty.

So if you have counters that need to be cleaned or floors that can be vacuumed, do it! Have a smell or odor that has surfaced recently? Try using bleach or other home cleaners to make it go away.

Making some effort to give your ugly home a little bit of love can go a long way.

It may earn you a higher slightly higher selling price in the end, too!

Remove Excess Furniture and Clutter

Removing extra furniture and clutter can help your ugly home present better in pictures and when it is shown to potential buyers.

Especially if your house is on the smaller side. Having less furniture and clutter can help the home look bigger, too.

“I’d advise the homeowner to get rid of all the clutter, knickknacks and excess,” Says.

“Leave only the essential pieces of furniture in each room. Then clean and scrub everything from top to bottom. Even if the place isn’t in great condition, if it’s at least spotlessly clean, it will be more attractive to a buyer,” said Brad Chandler, CEO of Express Homebuyers, a real estate investment company in Springfield, Virginia, according to U.S. News.

It’s the Little Things

One of the ways that you can help spruce up your ugly home is by making it stand out in some way from the other homes in your area.

But how can you do this?

If your home has features like a porch, try making it look as good as possible. Taking some paint to the porch or cleaning up that area can help give your home better curb appeal.

It can also make a good first impression. A potential buyer might see the “best” in your ugly home.

For investors or someone that may want to flip your home after renovating it to some extent, they may see it as the main selling point for the home down the road.


Your home’s curb appeal can play an important part in how it is received by buyers. (Regardless of who your target market is!)

“People who prepare their homes—inside and out—before they put them on the market are the ones who have quicker sales and who receive top dollar,” says Mary Harker, ABR®, CRS®, a broker-associate with Keller Williams Realty in Dallas, according to

Deciding on the best landscape for your property will vary depending on how much you are willing to spend on it.

Things like fresh mulch and new flowers can be a relatively small cost when compared with what they can do to help leave a lasting first impression on potential buyers.

Selling Your Ugly Home

When it comes to selling your ugly home, there are many ways to help you do it.

While things like location are out of your control at this point, others aren’t.

Take the time to research a reasonable asking price for your home so that it is competitive with others in your area.

Also taking the time to give your ugly home some TLC can pay off. Things like cleaning your home and reducing clutter can help improve the look.

When it comes to curb appeal, mowing the lawn and adding some cheaper landscape like mulch or fresh flowers can help with that first impression.

Removing extra furniture and keeping things simple may help you make the home present better with the square footage you have to work with.

With the sale process, being straight forward about what you are offering a buyer is also a great rule of thumb.

Besides the benefit of presenting yourself as an honest seller, you will earn respect and potentially, a sale.

A potential buyer has a better understanding of what repairs are needed and they can gauge renovation work.

For some investors, this can be the difference between writing you a check or walking out the door.

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